George Watt and the Delhi Durbar, 1903

Dr George Watt, originally from Inverness in Scotland, emigrated to India in 1873. He became responsible for several exhibitions of Indian products, including the Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London (1885-86) and the Calcutta Industrial Museum (1894-1903). George Nathaniel 1st Marquis Curzon of Kedleston and Viceroy of India (1899-1905) was responsible for the Delhi Durbar of 1903. This Durbar was to celebrate King Edward VII being declared Emperor of India on New Tear’s Day and Curzon’s ambition was to produce an extravaganza, including the biggest and best exhibition of Indian Arts and Crafts that had ever been seen. He gave George Watt this task. The talk concentrates on Watt’s descriptions of producing the exhibition and his catalogue, which is 436 pages long.

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Fee: £5.00

This talk stands alone or can be combined with a trip to Kedleston Hall, near Derby, to see their exhibition of items and photographs from the Delhi Durbar, 1903, including Lady Curzon’s peacock dress.


Frances has been asked to write Sir George Watt’s biography, based on both private family papers and public archives – publication date probably 2022.

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