James Maxwell’s Visit to Ashbourne in December 1745

This is the story of James Maxwell, a lowland Scot from New Abbey near Dumfries, who followed Bonnie Prince Charlie south into Derbyshire on his march to London, where the Prince intended to claim the Crown on behalf of his father, James Stuart. Originally a strong supporter of Prince Charles, Maxwell became deeply dissolutioned by what he believed to be the false advice given to the Prince at Derby. There is evidence that Maxwell talked to other followers of the Prince about a wide variety of topics. As a result, a fellow captain under Lord Elcho sent Maxwell a large Chinese bowl from Gothenburg in Sweden, one of Maxwell’s sons became an apprentice in Lancashire and a large number of Spanish chestnut seedlings were planted at estates in England and Scotland.

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James Maxwell and Prince Charles’ Expedition, 1745-46 Wyre Forest Press 2008 £10.00

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James Maxwell’s Visit to Ashbourne, December 1745 Ashbourne talk: 1 & 8 December 2018, 2 & 4 February 2019